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Alaska Charter Fishing Trips

Ak Fish Charters specializes in guided Copper River fishing trips on the tributaries of the Copper River. We hire top professional guides in the field, to ensure that every fishing adventure is a fishing trip of your lifetime! The Copper River salmon fishery is unique in the State of Alaska, being that its tributaries are on the road system, but access is limited due to terrain features, land access, and the level of experience it takes just to navigate the whitewater rivers. These features allow for uncrowded fishing opportunities for trophy class fish without the need for a fly out fishing trip. Copper River fishing truly is world class! We guide fishing trips for the following species of sports fish:

  • King Salmon (Chinook) – Fishing for King salmon is our specialty! The King Salmon found in the Copper River tributaries are some of the largest sports caught King Salmon in Alaska.
  • Sockeye Salmon (Red Salmon) – The copper river and its tributaries get multiple large runs of Sockeye Salmon any time from late May through the end of August. “Copper River Reds” are known for their high fat content, and prized among the world for their table fare!
  • Rainbow Trout – The rainbow trout found in the Copper River fisheries are known to be the world’s most northern population of wild rainbow trout.
  • Arctic Grayling – The Arctic Grayling is found almost everywhere in the Copper River system, and they are known to be aggressive eaters during the summer months, while they prepare again for the long winters. Grayling are known to live over 30 years of age.

On all of our Alaska charter fishing trips, we provide top quality fishing gear, professional guide, life preservers, waders, snacks and water. All you need to bring is an Alaska fishing license with king stamp, rain gear, and lunch.  Let our professional fishing guides take you on a wilderness river adventure that you will never forget.

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AK Fish Charters Is King Salmon Fishing Closed in Alaska?
Is King Salmon Fishing Closed in Alaska? The Short answer is NO, to answer your question “Is King salmon fishing closed in Alaska?”! There has been a lot of anxiety and chatter on-line lately due to the recent Alaska Fish and Game emergency order closing of Alaska’s south central regions King salmon fishing. Yes the famed Kenai river, and its surrounding fisheries has been affected by an emergency Cook Inlet King salmon closure for the 2023 Alaska fishing season. It is sad news that the Cook inlet King salmon fishery has been doing poorly for a number of years now, but don’t cancel those vacation plans just yet! Yes there is a number of Alaska’s King salmon fisheries still open that are doing quite well! Read More
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