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Finding fishes with the fishfinder Finding fishes with the fishfinder
Fishing is one of my favorite activity that I always love to do it. Whenever I got some free time I always prefer to go to the fishing. As a fishing lover, I always looking for the blogs to read latest updates about the fishing. So recently I read...

Fishing World Records and Moon Phases Fishing World Records and Moon Phases
I could not go fishing this weekend, so I decided to do a little research that some of you may find interesting. I took the dates of 545 World Record fish, and fed them to a moon phase calculator, to find the moon phase for each one. Here are the r...

NC Fishing Calendars
NC Fishing Calendars

Fish Smarter Fish Smarter
I’ve fished all my life. I mainly fished freshwater the first half of my life, and now primarily saltwater. Regardless of where you fish, there are many things you can do before each trip to be better prepared and fish smarter. Before I st...

Finding New Fishing Spots
This is a quick video of how to find fishing spots with Fishing Status. For the example, we show fishing spots in Islamorada, Florida.

Pick the Right Color Fishing Lure Pick the Right Color Fishing Lure
Picking the right color fishing lure can be the difference between and good and bad day of fishing. We took the time to do the research for how colors appear in different clarity of water, weather conditions, seasons, and time of day. Using our fishi...

Local Fishing Forecast Algorithm Updated Local Fishing Forecast Algorithm Updated
There is a lot of science in fishing, and we are trying to make it easier. We have updated the algorithm on our Local Fishing Forecast page to help tell you the best times of the day to fish.  We are also updating the fishing lures that are on...

Over 240 Fishing Maps Over 240 Fishing Maps
We have updated our fishing maps. There are now over 240 US locations you can download GPS fishing spots to import into your navigation unit. All downloads include a GPX file full of the best fishing spots with coordinates for the area. If we misse...

Why You Should Be Fishing The Break Why You Should Be Fishing The Break
Are you fishing the break? If not, you have been missing out. A “break” can be many different things, but the two types of breaks I am referring to are related to water color and temperature.  Not only will you catch more fish on t...

Downloading Fishing Spots for your GPS Unit or Google Earth
This video shows you how to use Fishing Status to download fishing spots for your favorite areas. There are over 226,000 fishing spots in the database, so I am sure you will find new fishing spots today.   
Panama Nautical Club
Panama Nautical Club
Gulf of Chiriqui,