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Jay’s Fly of the Week – #1 – Adams Irresistible
Hello and welcome.  Whether you are a loyal reader or a first time visitors to the Oregon Fly Fishing Blog –  welcome – in this difficult time in our nation’s history. While I’m sheltering in place here at my home today I’ve been receiving … Continue...

NOW for the NFS Homewaters: Rise-Up Online Auction
NOW for the Homewaters: Rise-Up online auction so you can bid on our best Silent Super Silent and Live Item line-up yet! HERE Unsure about how to? Watch Native Fish Society’s Executive Director Mark Sherwood take you … Continue reading →

Got Time on your hands? A Simple Solution to organize and File Fly Samples
Best most practical method for storing fly samples. As a fly tyer and fly fisher I have accumulated a fair number of fly samples. These range from giant beasties to very little midge no-see-ems and many have been helpful when I … Continue reading →

Olive Seeker Jigged Nymph Fly Tying Video
This is the olive-hued jigged nymph in the three-pattern series.  Frankly the olive hue to be in the eye  of the beholder but trust that you can adjust the body and bead colors to achieve the colors that suit you and the … Continue reading →

Late March Report – Guide Trips Suspended
In compliance with the Governor’s Executive Order guide trips have been suspended until April 13th 2020. As interpreted outdoor activities are still permissible however maintaining the 6 foot distance between others is not feasible during guide trips...

Monday 3/30/20
In Summary: Send all questions and pictures to Fishing Report: It was a nice warm sunny day. It was windy but it should not have kept anyone from taking advantage. Down on Hatteras Island at ramp 43 and 44 … Continue reading →

A Primer on Maritime Law
Florida has the most coastline out of any state in the contiguous United States with nearly 8 500 miles of coastline on the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. Most Florida residents have likely heard the term “maritime law” or “admiralty law ” and ma...

Lockdown: and free fly tying instruction. Well here we are in the midst of the biggest health and economic crisis in memory and there is very little that we can really do about it except shut the doors and get on with life as best we can. Many reader...

Lockdown Day ONE
So day one of my self-imposed challenge and to be honest I am not quite sure how best to do this as have never tried to publish anything like this previously. So please bear with me if it isn’t quite as organized as I might otherwise like. I figure t...

Lockdown Day Two
Lockdown flytying Day Two a focus on hackles A fairly simple overview of different kind of hackles and some flies to attempt/practice on. Having jumped in with a mass of information on day one in an attempt to include everyone from beginners to more...

Lockdown Day 3
Covid Lockdown Day Three   It is all very well tying flies and fishing flies but what are we trying to imitate when we do so? Having a basic understanding of entomology and the insects both aquatic and terrestrial which fish feed on will help with bo...

Lockdown Day 4
A focus on parachute hackles I can still remember the first time I was introduced to “parachute hackle dry flies” when a fishing companion on a reservoir in the UK proudly told me that it was the “only dry fly he used”.. At the time I was so brainwas...
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Missing These Guys!
I have been out a couple times in the last week and of course fishing is RED HOT! My plan is/was to be guiding out of K...

Friday 3/27/20
In Summary: Send all questions and pictures to Fishing Report: It’s quiet on the sandbar this morning...

Monday 3/30/20
In Summary: Send all questions and pictures to Fishing Report: It was a nice warm sunny day. It was w...

Sunday 3/ 29/20
In Summary: Send all questions and pictures to Fishing Report: I have read so many ways to describe t...
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